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March 2, 2023

With recent misinformation spreading about ERIC, I want to set the record straight on a few important points.

ERIC is a non-profit membership organization created by state election officials to help improve the accuracy of state voter rolls and register more eligible Americans to vote. This has been our mission since 2012.

We are a member-run, member-driven organization. State election officials – our members – govern ERIC and fund our day-to-day operations through payment of annual dues, which they set for themselves.

We analyze voter registration and motor vehicle department data, provided by our members through secure channels, along with official federal death data and change of address data, in order to provide our members with various reports. They use these reports to update their voter rolls, remove ineligible voters, investigate potential illegal voting, or provide voter registration information to individuals who may be eligible to vote.

ERIC is never connected to any state’s voter registration system. Members retain complete control over their voter rolls and they use the reports we provide in ways that comply with federal and state laws.

We follow widely accepted security protocols for handling the data we utilize to create the reports. Our servers are housed in a managed, secure data center located here in the U.S. Secure remote access to the data center is limited to only employees who need it to perform their duties.

ERIC’s Washington, D.C. address is a mailing address only. Like other organizations, our employees work remotely. ERIC members are aware of this arrangement. This approach reduces operating costs without sacrificing security or our ability to serve our member’s needs.

We will remain focused on our mission by providing our members with actionable data they can use to keep their voter rolls more accurate, investigate potential illegal activity, and offer voter registration information to those who may need it.

I encourage you to learn more about our organization, how we operate, and the information we provide our members by reading our Frequently Asked Questions and visiting our website.

Shane Hamlin
Executive Director, ERIC