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Below are a collection of some of our most Frequently Asked Questions.

A. ERIC Basics: Origins, Mission, Governance, and Funding

What is ERIC?
Who Created ERIC?
Which states are members of ERIC?
Who Controls ERIC?
How is ERIC funded?
Where are the ERIC offices located?
Why did election officials create ERIC?
Why are accurate voter rolls so important?

B. How Members Use ERIC

What do ERIC and its members do?
What are members required to do with the list maintenance reports ERIC provides?
What are members required to do with the Eligible but Unregistered report ERIC provides?

C. Use of Data; Data and Privacy Protections

Why does ERIC need driver’s licensing data?
Do members submit data from other state agencies, such as social service or health care departments?
Why does ERIC require members to submit sensitive data?
What steps does ERIC take to keep data secure?
Is the ERIC organization or its members permitted to share ERIC’s List Maintenance and Eligible but Unregistered Reports with outside parties?
Has ERIC shared data with third parties for partisan purposes?
Is ERIC connected to state voter registration systems?